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A few words on rhubarb

"We must have a pie.  Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie"
David Mamet


Forced Yorkshire rhubarb is on the table at JOY.  Our rhubarb is from Robert Tomlinson's farm, located in Pudsey in the heart of Yorhshire's 'Rhubarb Triangle'


The rhubarb is 'forced' in heated dark barns to cheat the rhubarb crowns into thinking it’s spring.  The stems shoot up in the darkness at incredible speeds as they search for the sunshine that the artificial warmth would suggest.


The stems are then harvested by candlelight - the result is tender bright pink stems of flavour and vitamin filled rhubarb.  It's almost too pretty to eat, just as pretty cooked, and incredibly delicious.




We are making American-style pies to pre-order for home delivery or collection from JOY this weekend.


A whole pie costs £35 - you can order online until midnight on Wednesdays for a Saturday delivery or collection.




"...a pie of dreams and fantasies and small girls yearning to live in Riverdale. It is, simply, ravishing"

Marina O'Loughlin



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